Balance Update: Basement

Hey time for a Balance update! Our reception post launch has been awesome and we’ve had a lot of helpful feedback from our players.

I think it's fair to say the Basement level had been the weakest minigame on our list. When Hal hit an electrical component, it felt unfair and frustrating. The Takeling players felt like there wasn't much to do proactively, resolving to wait for Hal to make his three mistakes.

I've attempted to address these issues in a few ways.

  1. Hal now has 5 Lives (Fuses to break) to lengthen the game and to allow for more mistakes

  2. Hitting an Electrical Component triggers pain animations for the VR Player

  3. Hal's Studfinder will temporarily highlight objects it detects, removing ambiguity of where the Electrical Components are, and increasing precision when hunting Takelings

  4. Higher precision with the Hammer, now it's much harder to accidentally hit an Electrical Component

  5. The Electricity Charges in the walls, allowing Takelings to break the Electrical Components spawn at a much higher rate now

  6. The default settings for Party Mode are now, 3 lives each Takelings, and 0 shared lives reflecting the fact that teamwork doesn't play a big part in this mode


The resulting game mode feels much higher paced and more empowering for both the Takelings and Hal. When you accidentally hit and Electrical Component as Hal now, you feel like it was deserved. The Takelings have a more proactive part to play with the increased spawn rate of the Electric Charge and Hal having more Fuses to break.

Give it a go, let us know what you think on our Steam Forum or Discord channel, happy pest hunting!

Kevin Weir