Wait, so what is Takelings?

Hello all, for my first ever dev blog I wanted introduce the game and talk about why it is what it is.

The Dream

A while ago, live many starved VR Devs, I left my job to pursue a career as an indie games developer! My goal was simple, to create a game that allows you to shove your friends into a toaster. With next to no experience in games development, it was a long and hard road but now here we are.


BM the VR

With Takelings House Party, I wanted to address a problem I'd run into many times, I'd host VR introduction parties where 10 or so people would sit in a room waiting for their turn in VR. And while it is fun to watch someone in VR, many people wanted to get up and jostle the VR player, or poke them, or just mess with them in some way.


I thought that this impulse should be channeled into something constructive, to engage the audience in the room and enable them to mess with the VR player in a way that's fun for everyone.

8 Joysticks?

In Takelings we enable up to 8 couch players to terrorize the VR player. We’ve found that the more players there are, the more frantic the game is and the more fun everyone has. However, we also new we couldn’t ask our audience to go out and purchase 8 joysticks to play. Que the Takelings House Party companion app!


Using state of the art “WIFI“ technology, even you can connect to your PC from your smart device to control the Takelings! The process is simple, open the app and it automatically connects to any Takelings games being run on the same local network, bingo bango bongo… bungo.

The Sum of the parts

I wanted to make a manic party game for VR, one that puts the VR player in the seat of power, where the couch players curse their name as they grind up in a sink disposal. With 9 people crying out in degradation, throwing taunts back and forth, Takelings game nights get really excited and REALLY LOUD (sorry neighbors). I’m looking forward to finally releasing the game and hearing about all your experiences with VR parties and irate neighbors!

We have a lot of exciting plans for Takelings and I’m excited to share in future blog posts, keep a weather eye!